Cell and gene therapies:
Experts at every step

EmerGENE guides transformational cell and gene therapies on the pathway to their patients. Excellence from advisory to execution.

EmerGENE is the first global, multidisciplinary team focused on cell and gene therapies. Ashfield experts, with you from development to delivery.

Cell and gene therapy is at the cutting edge of healthcare innovation, promising a new era of treatment that has the potential to transform lives for the better.

In order to overcome the challenges in getting life-changing discoveries to patients, the world needs new thinking and innovators need expert guidance throughout the clinical to commercial journey. Only then can the awesome potential of cell and gene therapy be realized for patients and their families.

That’s where EmerGENE comes in. We are the only global end-to-end partner, with the experience to build the blueprint you need and provide the execution capabilities to succeed and make it happen.

We offer a targeted team of experts, all tailored to the unique needs of your project. We can support with a comprehensive suite of services to guide you and your discovery through every stage – from supply chain to successful launch, from medical affairs and market access and value to medical information services and patient support programs.

Our experts are connected throughout our journey together perfecting your story for every audience.

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We can even help you in the delivery of your finished therapy to patients, providing both HCP engagement and patient engagement solutions to ensure everyone has the support and medically accurate information they need.

We have the logistical and practical capabilities to realize the possibilities for patients. EmerGENE’s offering:

  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Pre-clinical support
  • Medical Information services
  • Commercial and organizational strategies
  • Market access and value
  • Commercial team build-out and support
  • Disease, platform and launch communications
  • Patient support programs
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What EmerGENE will do for you

Passionate, entrepreneurial and authentic, EmerGENE offers expertise as targeted and precision-engineered as the therapies we support.

Every moment matters in bringing these life-changing therapies into people’s lives. We have the expertise to make it happen quickly and successfully. Let’s find the path to your patients.

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Distribution and logistics matter.

In ensuring we get the right product with the right spec to the right patient

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Establishing benefit matters.

….And it all starts with early, proactive decisions on the most compelling evidence.

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Education matters.

Highly personalized treatments need individualized training and administration.

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Stakeholder management matters.

Your cell & gene therapy must navigate a complex landscape of stakeholders before it reaches your patients.

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Patient engagement matters.

…. So let’s build lasting relationships with patients and their families from the start.

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True value and pricing discovery matters.

We can help you plan a pricing structure across the treatment lifecycle to ensure long-term success.

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Fulfilling the promise

Download our white paper to get insights on the important challenges in the new era of gene and cell therapy marketing, why your customers may surprise you, and why it all matters.