Creating engaging, compliant risk management support materials

The Challenge

Our client asked Ashfield MedComms to help their risk-management planning by producing educational  manuals targeted at different stakeholder groups in line with guideline recommendations. The materials  were in support of the commercialisation of a new chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy for  treating multiple myeloma.

The Approach

The team began by scheduling a series of  advisory board meetings with each stakeholder  group to identify specific content. Stakeholders  included CAR-T physicians, referral physicians,  pharmacists, nurses and patients.

Complex information on CAR-T therapy was then  shaped and presented in a creative and engaging  way, including clear messaging, graphics and  icons to ensure accessibility, compliance and  maximum impact. In particular, the Ashfield  MedComms patient engagement team ensured  the patient guide had the right level of messaging  for the target audience.

The materials were then reviewed to ensure they  were fit for European Medicines Agency approval.

The Results

The manuals were a success and now another is  being developed specifically for caregivers. The  client has also asked Ashfield MedComms to  adapt the information for interactive online  platforms for HCPs and patients.

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