Building and empowering a sales force to renew active promotion and expand market share in Europe

The Challenge

Our client had an old product – an injectable nonsteroidal analgesic for postoperative pain management – with a small market share.

Based on increased sales figures in other regions, a pilot renewal of active promotion was planned in key European markets.

The challenge was to recruit and train an Ashfield sales force, and provide them with effective training and impactful sales tools.

Due to the pilot nature of the project, rapid delivery of training and sales tools was crucial to success.


The Approach

Ashfield Health and Ashfield Engage collaborated to: 

Recruit experienced, dedicated sales teams in target markets.

Update a series of training modules to give sales reps a comprehensive understanding of the therapy area and product.

Deliver interactive face-to-face training to reinforce selling skills via tailored role play and objection handling activities.

Deliver an easy-to-navigate digital sales aid for reps to tailor their e-detailing to different surgical specialties and selling situations.

Develop a range of rep-triggered emails and printed leave pieces, including a practical prescribing guide, to support reps in effectively addressing different customer needs and interests.


The Results

Confident, knowledgeable and motivated sales team consistently communicating key product features and benefits to customers.

Feedback from sales reps that customers are engaged and interested in the product.

Increased number of medical information requests and a 10% increase in sales during the first 4 months of active promotion.