Bringing autologous gene therapy to life through an immersive experience

The Challenge

Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) – the introduction of haematopoietic stem cells through a donor blood transfusion – can be life-saving for some patients with serious conditions. But it’s not without risk of infection and graft-versus-host diseases.

One way to overcome these problems is if the stem cells are taken from and returned to the same individual, removing the need for a donor. This innovative and safer alternative – known as autologous gene therapy – is a treatment that our client wanted to launch and promote. However, they faced hesitance from many physicians who were reluctant to recommend gene therapy due to the lack of long-term data.

The Approach

Mind+Matter, an Ashfield Health company was asked to reshape existing perceptions by promoting autologous gene therapy as less risky than the donor-based alternative.

The therapy was set to be launched at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference, providing the perfect platform to catch the attention of the world’s leading medical experts and investors.

Mind+Matter created an eye-catching booth that centred on an image of a young girl holding her hand over a fountain. The water hits her palm, sprays into the air and becomes stem cells. The cells circle the booth and eventually return to the girl’s body, a simple and dynamic visualisation of autologous gene therapy in action.

The Results

The booth generated huge interest and high levels of engagement, with the client capturing more leads than at any other conference they attended in a year – four times as many in some cases.

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