Ashfield Health launches data intelligence platform,

7 September 2021


Ashfield Health has launched, a global healthcare intelligence data platform designed to support pharma, life science, biotech, and other healthcare partners to work faster, better, and more efficiently across every stage of the product life cycle.

Incorporating artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, data modelling, and human consultancy, allows clients to unlock powerful and efficient omnichannel experiences, identifying ideal customers and audiences, predicting their behaviours, and measuring their interactions with confidence.

A solution for organisations of all shapes and sizes, the platform can be applied to a wide range of challenges including clinical trial recruitment and scientific communications. The global intelligence data initiative supports all stages of scientific, education, and product commercialization, from clinical development to launch and beyond. drives omnichannel impact across 4 dimensions.

  • Audience Explorer. Provides insights into what the audience prefers and why they prefer it, enabling strong strategic rationale for communications and commercial plans.
  • Audience Creator. With clear and accurate audience profiles, you can maximize the impact of every engagement.
  • Audience Predictor. Advanced machine learning and modelling allows the client to confidently know where to be, what to say, and how to change behaviour.
  • Audience Activator. With AI-driven targeting and optimization, partners know which audiences are valued based on channels, segments, and messages to evaluate the data and offer the right tactics at the right moments with scale and speed.

“This is a landmark moment for Ashfield Health, our client partners, and the patients they serve. is more than a data platform—it’s an opportunity to discover meaningful links between demographics, technologies, and customer behaviours. provides the data and analytics foundation for the entire Ashfield Health network. It’s a substantial leap to show how our innovation, technology, and talent delivers life-changing solutions that really matter.” – Amar Urhekar, Global President at Ashfield Health ingests data from multiple sources in real time. It leverages advanced AI and machine learning alongside the knowledge and experience of data and disease-area specialists to find patterns and make predictions.

Ashfield Health is working with clients on a range of different project types, from clinical trial recruitment and field-force sizing to omnichannel activation and can connect client’s siloed and disparate data to provide them with clarity and uncover deep insights.

Through extensive partnerships, the platform leverages powerful patient, HCP, facility, and HCO data from Compile and real-world insights from the enterprise analytics company, Clarify Health. It connects seamlessly with other data sources, including social intelligence tools and publications to provide a wide range of audience understanding, activity, and topic-related insights. syncs with a client’s existing tools and tech stacks through custom APIs, operating as a data partner that is completely tailored to individual client needs.

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